Top Five Things To Look For In A Marketing Company

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It can be overwhelming to create the vision and execute a marketing strategy with a small internal team. A marketing company can work alongside you and transform your business, but you need the right one. Hiring the perfect marketing company is a tricky task. Even deciding what your business needs from a marketing company can be tough in itself. There are so many marketing companies out there, all with different approaches. To find one that is a perfect fit for your business, here’s a list of the top five things to look for in a marketing company. 

1. Accreditation 
The accreditation of anyone within the financial industry is always at the top of the list. When it comes to the debt relief industry, you want to look for the following agencies to be accredited with: 

AFCC (American Fair Credit Council) - They are the watchdogs of the entire industry. They ensure the ethical treatment of consumers seeking to resolve their debts through debt settlement. 

IAPDA (International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators) - They bring the industry’s sales and customer service consultants to a minimum standard of excellence, ensuring customer protection and product knowledge. They make sure that no one is being taken advantage of. 

BBB - The last accreditation you want to look out for is the agency’s rating on the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Obviously the higher the rank on an A to C scale, the better the reviews and customer satisfaction of the company. 

2. Success rate
Even with the accreditations, you want to make sure you are putting yourself in the best possible hands when it comes to getting a second chance at your finances. Remember, results drive standards. Look for their reviews online. If the clients they have previously worked with have left multiple good reviews, that is a definite good sign when it comes to a company’s success rate. Additionally, you can also ask for references so that you can confirm it with the clients they have previously worked with and clarify whatever doubts you have in mind before hiring a company. 

3. Communication skills
The next thing you want to look for is how well they are able to communicate the entire process to you in a way that you can understand what is happening. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You want to have the peace of mind of knowing that you are putting your finances in the best hands possible. So make sure that they answer all of your questions thoroughly and effectively.

4. Transparency 
Because we are dealing with finances, you want to make sure there is a portal that allows you to access each transaction, settlement, pending settlements, fees, and more. Transparency is key. Financial freedom is the key to debt relief but you want to be involved every step of the way. A client portal is the best way to stay in the loop throughout the debt relief program.

5. Customer service 
The customer service team. Again, transparency creates peace of mind when it comes to the debt relief industry. At times you may have questions within the process, so you want to know that you will be backed by a reliable team that gives you that total transparency. The model should be “client first.” Know the hours, phone number, and email of the customer service team. As you step into the world of becoming debt-free, you want to ensure that you will have someone there to help you along the way and assist you in any way possible.

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